iconoclasticone (iconoclasticone) wrote in svu_lawandorder,

Quick Intro

Hey to my fellow SVU-lovers!  My name is Melissa, I'm 29 years old, from New Jersey.  I've been looking for great communities to chat and post my fan fiction about SVU, and you all seem to fit the bill.  If I had to pick a favorite episode, it would have to be between "Raw" (with the Aryan Nation scandal), and "Legacy" (with the little girl that was abused and left for dead by her mother).  My first SVU fanfiction is based on the episode "Raw" and my love for John Munch.  I've read a lot of really good fiction, but as you know, most of them are based on the relationship between Elliot and Olivia.  Don't get me wrong, I love all the characters and relationships on the show, but I'm a huge fan of Richard Belzer, with his dark sunglasses and conspiracy theories.  Well, hope this was enough of an intro for me, can't wait to read more from the community, and here is a flavor of what's to expect from me.  Take care, law abiding citizens, Mel

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