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All In Order RPG

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Law and Order is a gritty crime drama set in the dark alleys of Manhattan. From high profile cases to sensitive issues dealing with children to generic and not so run-of-the-mill homicides, it all gets covered in one form or another. The fictional Law and Order world created by fans on the internet is just as rich as the world we've come to expect from the show itself. Writers, like actors, immerse themselves in their characters, making sure they can hear their character's voice. Whether you've created your own character or adopted one from canon, this is an opportunity to get to know that person and to explore them completely. Maybe the canon character you chose has holes in his or her background; it's up to you to fill them in. Original characters give you complete creative freedom.

all_in_order is a group of talented writers with a passion for solving crimes. Our cases are original as well as based on true crimes. We strive for excitement, camaraderie, and a great all-encompassing story. We're a new community with kinks to iron out but we're also open to ideas, thoughts, and changes. We'd love to have new players to compliment our already strong, albeit small cast.

The guidelines | The full set of rules | The application

The Original Series:
Detective Ed Green
Detective Nina Cassady
Lieutenant Anita Van Buren
EADA Jack McCoy
ADA Connie Rubirosa

Criminal Intent:
Detective Megan Wheeler
Captain Danny Ross

Special Victims Unit
Detective Olivia Benson
Detective Elliot Stabler
Detective Odafin Tutuola
Detective John Munch
Captain Don Cragen
ADA Casey Novak
CDA Elizabeth Donnelly

We are also accepting applications for original characters, but we want to keep them to a minimum until we have more canon character parts filled. Sample applications can be made available at request.

Any questions? Comment here.

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